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Wordy Weekly XIV

Updated: May 8, 2021

So, we come to ‘L’, we are almost halfway through.

i) LUDICROUS: this charming English word means ‘silly’, ‘absurd’, and ‘causing laughter’, even ‘playful’. It ultimately derives from the Latin ‘ludus’, which means ‘game’ (especially in the plural ‘ludi’ often referring to public games), and also (perhaps a little bizarrely) ‘school’, but only in the singular. The suffix ‘-crus’ turns it into an adjective. One can see the link between the English word and the meaning of the Latin word ‘game’. ‘ludus’ also has the cognate in Latin, the verb ‘ludo, ludere, lusi’ – ‘to play’.

ii) LOGIC: the English word that denotes a ‘process of rational thought’, or ‘reasoning’, comes from the Greek ‘λογος’. This little word, however, has several related meanings: word, story, argument, reason, speech. The word ‘logical’ also comes from ‘λογος’. Greek also has the word ‘λογικος’.

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