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Studying Plato as an undergraduate, I came across the term, 'eristic argument'. What this means is a debate that is argumentative and quibbling for the sake of it. An eristic person can turn a perfectly calm discussion into a philosophy tutorial without conclusion simply for the sake of debate and stimulation (Socrates, maybe? Don't look at me like that!).

This old-fashioned fancy post was inspired by the following post from Dr. Manolis Spanakis, researcher in Classics.

Eris, the goddess of discord. Attic kylix, 550-540 BC. Berlin Museum

ERISTIC comes from ERIS, the Greek goddess of Strife and she was indeed the troublemaker that her name suggests.

Omitted from the guest list to Peleus and Thetis' wedding (parents of Achilles), she was very angry indeed (but you can see their point - goddess of Strife, wedding...hmm those two don't exactly go together). In revenge, she set off the chain of events that would lead to the Trojan War, throwing a spanner in the works, or rather the Golden Apple. The rest is history (well, er, myth, as they say!).

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