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Wordy Weekly 2022: Intro and Week I

Wordy Weekly 2022 – Introduction

Just over a year ago in January 2021, the very first Wordy Weekly was BloggusClassicus’ very first post. The series was dedicated to Latin and Greek derivatives that survive in primarily English, but we also met their modern offspring in other languages, too. We began with hybrid words, including television and then meandered all the way through the alphabet, through some themed derivatives, including science vocabulary, clocking up around thirty entries overall.

I have decided to make this an annual series of about thirty articles and so we relaunch today. Once again we will take our trip down alphabet lane and meet some thematic groups. There will be a theme of the year. And this year the theme is Mathematics and Computing terms. There will be two or three terms each week and at least one will be drawn from this theme. I may even push the boat out and do four words!

Let’s take a mathematical and techie turn into Alphabet road!

Wordy Weekly 2022 – Week 1

Angle – the space between two intersecting lines close to the point where they meet, i.e., the ‘corner’ of their intersection. The word angle comes from the Latin angulus meaning ‘corner’. Hence, if something is ‘angular’ it has a lot of twists and sharp changes of direction and, therefore, a lot of corners.

Antipodean – from the Greek for opposite feet (ἀντι = opposite; ποδες = feet). It means people who live on exact opposite points of the earth.

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