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Wordy Weekly 1

Salvete, omnes! Here is the first entry in the Wordy Weekly section of the blog.

Today, we begin with a hybrid word, which is half Latin, half Greek.

You may well have one of these at home, enjoy watching it, and discuss it with friends.,.


The first part is Greek.

The second is Latin.

PART ONE: τελος (pronounced 'tel-os')

This is the Greek for 'from afar'.

PART TWO: 'visus' from the Latin verb 'video' - 'I see' (yep, that's where your video player, video game, video tape, etc. all come from. They are things you 'see').

'visus' literally means, 'has been seen' or 'having been seen'.

So put the two together, and we have (τελοςvisus) = the thing seen from afar.

That is cool! Something very modern finds its name in something very ancient!

Were the hybrid the other way round, Latin + Greek, we would all be watching our...

proculεἰδος (proculeidos) or something like that...

procul = Latin for 'far of', εἰδος = Greek for 'thing seen'.

It's a very silly word, indeed!

See you all next week.

In the meantime...


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