Dazzling Derivatives

A shorter version of BloggusClassicus’ Wordy Weekly. This one will cost you ‘six squid’! Ha ha ha…ha?’ Never mind. Well, a squid is a..


A favourite from my husband. It means a creature whose 'feet are from the head’. So this includes the octopus (see Wordy Weekly II, if you want to learn the true plural of octopus https://www.bloggusclassicus.com/post/wordy-weekly-ii), the squid, cuttlefish. All very tasty as well.

So, cephalopod breaks down as follows:

κεφαλη - head

ποδες - feet

Pretty cool.

Oh, an interesting extra fact, Alexander the Great’s horse, Bucephalus, is 'ox-head’, because he was so large and splendid.

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