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Ancient Science - why?

Why should we study ancient science? Surely, we have moved on, developed a far more accurate understanding of the world with tools that would have been unimaginable 2,500-3,000 years ago?

Well, tools and instrument by which we study and analyse the world around us are indeed more sophisticated. Our understanding is more advanced and theories can be tested more precisely.

However, we would be quite wrong to dismiss ancient science in a fit of self-congratulation. Why?

1. There are many so-called modern theories that trace their origins back to ancient thinkers.

2. Ancient science reveals incredible sophistication of thought and reasoning at a time without flashy instruments.

3. Because of the above, it is a very important part of the history of human beings’ quest for knowledge.

They inspire us to go on searching, not to think we have done it all. We should respect the thinkers who stood at the dawn of science as we now know it. What will people think when they look back at us in another three thousand years’ time?

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