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About Me

The Quackers Classicist!

Scientist Pipetting

In the Beginning...

I suppose it all started with a mixture of the ancient history we looked at in prep and junior school combined with watching the old Jason and the Argonauts movie (still a massive Harryhausen  and also Honor Blackman fan, coolest Hera ever). The ancient world just gripped me. it was exciting, myths were mad, but intriguing, the history was exciting, and the discoveries they made were not only impressive but enduring, What a cool other world. I read and eventually got the the chance to study Latin. I could not have been more excited.

Laboratory Scientist

Latin and Beyond...

I went to Talbot Heath School in Bournemouth and I was so fortunate to have the chance to study Latin, beginning in year 9. I had wonderful and really inspiring teachers and I loved it instantly. A new way into my beloved ancient world (and that was just the start). Latin is not just a fabulous and beautiful language, it possesses a wonderful and unique logic in the way it works. I recently heard it likened to coding. The speaker was not wrong. It is great training for patient and logical thought, spotting patterns and problem-solving. Less than a term into learning Latin, I settled on Classics as a degree. I began Greek in sixth-form and excitedly awaited Classics beyond school. My first plan was to go on an go law following my Classics degree. Well...the rest is history as they say.


University and Beyond

I studied Classics at St. Hilda's College, Oxford, where I graduated with a first in 2005. I studied for my Masters (MSt) and doctorate (DPhil) at Corpus Christi, but returned to my beloved undergraduate college in 2008 as a Lecturer in Ancient History. Two wonderful years. I was also lecturer at the Queen's College, Oxford for a term in 2010 covering  a sabbatical leave. I continue to love and pursue my research and on this website I wish to share some of it with you. However, I decided to combine research with teaching in schools. My pet area of research is ancient historiography, but I wanted to experience Classics' sheer variety in my teaching: language, literature, history, and, when the opportunity presented, philosophy as well. I spent a wonderful nine years teaching at fabulous schools: Oxford High School for Girls, Marlborough College, and the King's School Canterbury. Wanting to focus more on research, I left the school scene in 2019. But I have never stopped being a teacher, and I have never stopped being a Classicist. Part of my mission is to share Classics and spread the love. This is BloggusClassicus' humble aim.

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